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Heart Happy Art !

My name is Sarah, I am an artist & intuitive painting guide. Since childhood, I have found painting to be a warm & welcoming meditative practice. I could get lost in my whimsical little worlds on paper for hours. Painting was my happy place & to this day, it still is. In recent years, it has become a way of cultivating more calm, & further appreciating the color & brilliance of life through my art. 

I am available to teach traditional paint parties, abstract & meditative art-making workshops, & at mini adventures, such as women’s retreats. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

My classes combine painting, guided meditation, breathwork, heart-centering inspiration, grounding rituals, & other self-care practices. I provide just enough structure & guidance to help my students find freedom & serenity in the creative process. There is a “letting go” & a “letting in” where 

  • Courage
  • Magic
  • Beauty
  • Gratitude
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • & MORE

Of what makes you come ALIVE are found on this journey.

Please feel free to contact me

for information on booking public or private events

Love Notes

I really enjoyed the free-flowing, intuitive paint night Sarah led/facilitated. It allowed so much flexibility! There is no “wrong” in this non-judgmental setting. Everyone attending was able to create unique pieces of art that were a direct expression of their souls. What a beautiful night & no artistic skill needed!


Sarah’s paint classes are not just a creative outlet, but also spiritually invigorating! She encourages you to create from your heart & soul, & there’s no way to do it wrong. I’ve enjoyed her adult classes with like-minded women, & having her guide my teenager & their friends at an artistic birthday party.


I met Sarah three years ago, & last year I was invited to sign up for her group workshop. I knew she was passionate about helping people along their path, so I believed it would be a transformative experience. Personally, I was at a place in my life where I felt like I was waking up after having been asleep for years. During the workshop, Sarah helped guide us in meditation in a loving environment where we could express our consciousness through art. It was very freeing & an experience for which I am eternally grateful. My painting that I took home is a map of the creative & meditative process that helped me that day. I treasure it.


“To Be An Artist Is To Believe In Life”

~ Thomas Moore

As a beauty-seeker, I find inspiration in the enchanting show that nature displays for us daily. There is ‘everyday magic’ to be found in noticing the clouds, sunrises, all the little creatures, the blooming flowers, the ocean, the mountains, & the moonrises. The awareness of the color & brilliance of life that surrounds us, awakens our senses to the sweet appreciation of life. Nature is my muse, there I find an abundance of nourishment for the soul, & my art.