“To be creative means to be in LOVE with LIFE.”

~ Osho

Please feel free to contact me for information on booking public or private events:

  • Traditional Paint Parties
  • Meditative Art-making Classes & Self-care sessions
  • Corporate Team-building Events
  • Women’s Retreats
  • Special Events (‘Girl’s Night’ aka Goddess Gatherings)
  • Fundraising Events
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Love Notes

I really enjoyed the free-flowing, intuitive paint night Sarah led/facilitated. It allowed so much flexibility! There is no “wrong” in this non-judgmental setting. Everyone attending was able to create unique pieces of art that were a direct expression of their souls. What a beautiful night & no artistic skill needed!


Sarah’s paint classes are not just a creative outlet, but also spiritually invigorating! She encourages you to create from your heart & soul, & there’s no way to do it wrong. I’ve enjoyed her adult classes with like-minded women, & having her guide my teenager & their friends at an artistic birthday party.


I met Sarah three years ago, & last year I was invited to sign up for her group workshop. I knew she was passionate about helping people along their path, so I believed it would be a transformative experience. Personally, I was at a place in my life where I felt like I was waking up after having been asleep for years. During the workshop, Sarah helped guide us in meditation in a loving environment where we could express our consciousness through art. It was very freeing & an experience for which I am eternally grateful. My painting that I took home is a map of the creative & meditative process that helped me that day. I treasure it.