“To Be An Artist Is To Believe In Life”

~ Thomas Moore

Hello & welcome to

Heart Happy Art !

My name is Sarah, I am an artist & intuitive painting guide. Since childhood, I have found painting to be a warm & welcoming meditative practice. I could get lost in my whimsical little worlds on paper for hours. Painting was my happy place & to this day, it still is. In recent years, it has become a way of cultivating more calm, & further appreciating the color & brilliance of life through my art. 

I have an education & background in both the Fine Arts & also in Diagnostic Healthcare, which has made the connection between mind & body abundantly clear. In a culture that fuels burnout, painting was often a welcome break & escape from the routine & stressors of everyday life. Painting is another conduit for healing. Art is highly therapeutic in its own rite, & an underrated act of self-care.

In 2017, I began teaching classes to share my love of art, & to show my students that they can also paint , even without any prior experience. I noticed how much my students enjoyed & embraced the creative process. It was so much more than just art-making, it was about ‘showing up’ for themselves, being fully present, courage & trying something new, & taking the time to do something that made their heart happy. I have expanded these gatherings to be more of a self-care session, involving guided meditation, among other grounding & heart-centering practices. In this place there is rest, play, self-care, & exploration of what makes us feel more connected to being alive. 

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